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As a leader in manufacturing high quality commercial laundry equipment, Ipso offers commercial laundry machines meeting the needs of a variety of industries including Fire Houses, Healthcare, Hospitality, Correctional Facilities, Spa/Salon, Athletic facilities, Restaurants, Veterinarians and more. Each unique industry calls for different laundry solutions; this industry breakdown gives you an idea of how Ipso machines delivers spectacular results.

Fire Houses

The National Fire Protection Association have specific standards for handling turnout gear that is one of the most important factors when setting up an OPL in any fire house. Ipso’s fire house machines adhere to these standards and properly clean gear without damaging technical fibers or moisture barriers that comprise the shell. Programmable wash cycles also help fire departments control the wash process between turnout gear and truck or fire house towels.


Hospitals and healthcare environments have heavy volumes of garments and rely on machines that offer high throughputs with maximum process efficiency. Ipso machines feature countless programming options for the highest levels of infection control in each wash cycle.


Machine size isn’t always the most important in Hospitality laundry environments. Since linens and towels are constantly being washed in hospitality laundry rooms smaller washer-extractors and drying tumblers offer flexible options for extremely quick washing and drying cycles. Plus, Ipso’s programmed cycles help extend the life of linens.

Correctional Facilities

Water and energy efficiency is the most important factor in correctional facilities to keep operating costs low while processing the greatest amount of laundry.


Space is often limited in salons and spas but Ipso offers several stack dryers, washers and washer/dryer combinations to utilize the small space efficiently. These OPL environments are also used consistently throughout the day to wash towels, rags and more so Ipso’s manual control washers are the best way to save on water costs and cut drying times for improved throughput during the day.


High schools, colleges and professional athletic programs rely on speed and efficiency in laundry rooms and can find that with Ipso machines with high spin speeds to significantly cut dryer time. Athletic facilities also need to consider machines with programmable micro controls to wash athletic gear with moisture-wicking fibers which require special handling.

Whether you fall into any of the above industries or need a laundry room in your dairy farm, veterinarian clinic or restaurant our team of laundry experts at CleanWash Laundry Systems will stop by to evaluate the type of linens you’ll need to process, the space available for a laundry room and additional factors you’ll want to consider when deciding on the best machines for your environment. Give us a call at 1-888-990-7191 or contact us online so we can help you take the next step to success.

Ipso OPL Equipment

Ipso’s variety of washing machines and dryers range from Hardmount washer-extractors and tumble dryers to flatwork finishers. Each design is built for long-lasting durability and unique productivity increasing and energy-saving, follow this detailed breakdown of each type of Ipso’s OPL machines.

Hardmount Washer-Extractor

Bolted into the ground of a laundry room floor the hardmount washer-extractor is built with heavy-duty construction providing reliable operation and decades of service. Every machine is built with bearings protected against moisture with dual triple-lip seals and a stainless sleeve around the trunnion to extend the life of machines and improve performance. Additional features include:

  • Large door design for easy loading and unloading
  • Self-cleaning four-compartment dispenser automatically dispenses detergent and fabric softener appropriately throughout the wash cycle
  • Flexible water level settings to help save on utility costs
  • Available in 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 and 100 lb. capacities

Softmount Washer-Extractors

This is the alternative option to the hardmount washer-extractor used in laundry rooms that are either on a second floor or that don’t allow the machine to be bolted to the floor. Speed Queen’s softmount washer-extractor design mimics the hardmount washer-extractor design using heavy-duty suspension to absorb vibrations without a special foundation. The inverter drive system reduces energy use, increases extraction speed, lowers noise and creates fewer imbalances per load. Additional features include:

  • High G-Force extractors reduces drying times
  • Supports a wide variety of fabric types
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Upfront soap box is easy to use
  • Large door makes loading and unloading a breeze
  • Available in 20, 25, 30, 40, 55, 70, 90 and 125 lb. capacities

Front Load Washers

Speed Queen’s front load washers features a cutting-edge, innovative designs leading to improved performance and reduced energy costs. One of the most revolutionary features is the balancing technology that redistributes the weight within the load for uninterrupted wash cycles. Additional features include:

  • Increase spin speed extracts 440 G-Force for maximum moisture removal and lower drying times
  • Decreased operating costs with improved water usage plus a 20 percent increase in capacity
  • Redesigned four-compartment soap dispenser for simplified use
  • Available in 21.5 lb. capacity

Top Load Washers

Made with a stainless steel washtub, all-metal transmission and a commercial-grade cabinet finish, Speed Queen’s top load washers’ heavy-duty components ensure an extended lifespan. Additional features include:

  • Designed for durability for ease of use with a push-to-start and reinforced control knobs
  • Stainless steel extra-large capacity tubs
  • Advanced suspension system eliminates unbalanced loads
  • Commercial quality transmission
  • Available in 16 lb. capacity

Tumble Dryers

Made with fewer moving parts, Speed Queen’s tumble dryers have fewer maintenance problems from less wear and tear. One of the best features is the high performance heater box increasing energy efficiency while reducing drying times and creating a more comfortable operating environment. Additional features include:

  • Heavy-duty door hinge withstands consistent usage
  • Over dry prevention technology
  • Available in 25, 30, 35, 60, 65, 75, 120, 170 and 200 lb. capacities

Stack Tumble Dryers

Doubling the capacity of single tumble dryers, Speed Queen’s stack tumble dryer design features the patented oval cylinder perforations which prevents stray screw from passing through and damaging the dryer’s sweep sheets. This model is available in 30 and 45 lb. capacities.

Single Dryers and Stack Single Dryers

Speed Queen’s single and stack dryers are made with a reversible door to accommodate all types of laundry room designs. The convenience doesn’t end there; these dryers are made with the largest door opening in the industry (2.06 sq. ft.) for easy loading and unloading plus an easy-to-clean large lint compartment. Additional features include:

  • Durable galvanized steel cylinder with extra-large 7 cu. ft. of volume
  • 25,000 BTU (gas models) and 5,320 Watts (electric models) for efficient dryer heating

Stack Washer/Dryer

Speed Queen’s stack washer/dryer use the same connections and hookups required by standard washers and dryers so you won’t have to make any major changed during installation. Additional features include:

  • Energy Star qualified helping protect the environment while using less energy and saving money
  • 9 gallons per cycle reducing operating costs
  • 18 lb. washer and dryer capacity

Flatwork Finishers

Offering the highest quality finish, Speed Queen’s flatwork finishers are built with heavy-duty steel frames and cylinders and adjustable ironing speeds. Speed Queen produces electric, gas and steam models available in an 8″ roll and 55″ width to 20″ roll and 126″ width.

Learn more about equipment specifics or find the perfect Speed Queen machines that meet your laundry needs by contacting our team of laundry experts online or by phone 1-888-990-7191.