Profit Sharing

Partner with Nebraska’s leading provider of laundry room management solutions.

With our ever growing revenue sharing programs, CleanWash provides 100% managed programs for your multi-housing laundry rooms. All of our profit sharing programs are individually tailored to put your and your residents needs first. Whether you own a small apartment building, a hotel guest laundry or oversee a large portfolio of multi-housing complexes,  CleanWash Laundry Systems offers solutions to meet your needs.

We handle everything from installing energy efficient washers and dryers equipped with the latest payment systems to keeping the machines serviced and maintained. Our local service departments are equipped to manage the day-to-day details — from responding to immediate service needs to resident refund requests. Professional instructional signage and superb resident assistance help alleviate the the initial implementation fears.

Benefits of CLS Laundry Room Management

  • Increased profit percentages
  • Full service and maintenance
  • Lower water, sewer and utility bills
  • Highest commissions
  • Greater tenent and guest satisfaction

Our team of experienced commercial laundry professionals is ready to assist you. Email or call us at 888-990-7191