About CleanWash Laundry

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CLS Managed Laundry Programs

If you are a property owner or manager and you own and operate laundry equipment for a multi-housing complex, you’ll love the benefits of our Profit Sharing and Laundry Room Management programs.

Benefits Include:

  • Retain Capital
  • Offer a value added service that retains existing residents and recruits new
  • Eliminate laundry service staffing needs and dollars
  • Generous Commissions
  • Rental Programs

On Premises Leasing Programs

If you are a hotel, Fire House, or other user of commercial laundry equipment the CleanWash Lease program might be the perfect answer for your commercial laundry equipment needs:

Benefits Include:

  • Retain capital for more important uses
  • Have the right equipment for your needs
  • Keep your maintenance staff and dollars focused on your property not laundry equipment
  • Greater potential tax benefits
  • Low monthly all inclusive costs

Call our OPL Leasing Department today at 888-990-7191 and have equipment tomorrow!

Commercial Laundry Equipment & Solutions Since 2008

Only the best brands in the industry are sold by CleanWash Laundry Systems because we strive for long term customer partnerships. We proudly sell and service the leading commercial laundry products from Speed Queen, Ipso, Primus, Wascomat, B & C, ADC, Electrolux, American Changer, National Combustion, R&B Wire Products, Vend-Rite and many more.